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There are five basic types of welding joints, with each having a number of variations in order to meet different needs.

The popularity of surface finishing has increased over the years due to changes in regular specifications for manufacturing and dimensional tolerances which have been tightened.

Designing products in a machine shop is one of the most effective ways to create new designs or to design a part for something that is no longer produced.

Whether you are using a vertical or horizontal CNC machining technology in your machine shop, the common goal is to keep it working at its optimum regardless of its size, power source or function.

CNC machining and welding has proven to be an extremely sound career choice up to today. Learning to weld is an acquired skill that takes time and lots of practice.

There are many types of welding. But for the beginner welder, there are a few very commonly asked questions that we come across. If you’re looking to understand welding a little better, read on!

Machine shops in Quebec are a growing industry. With increased demand for qualified machinists, the potential for a machine shop to evolve and become a success is high.

Working with metals, using creativity and using power tools and other machining equipment are all part of a machinist’s daily work.

When you need to form, shape or repair a metal piece using heat, oftentimes you’ll need to use some type of burning tool. These types of machining tools are used in welding, laser cutting, oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting.

Precision machining is a very broad term used to encompass a huge range of technology and methods used in the fabrication and refining of metal pieces.

Every competitive machine shop has a full range of machining equipment like lathes, drills, grinders and saws; presses, CNC lathes and machining centers, welders, plasma cutting tables and much more.

Ateliers BG contributed to the production of the basin in which the flame burned at the 2013 Canada Games. Indeed, we painted the maple leaves in red!

The post-processor point of machine shop operations can tend to become a bottleneck in production.

Bar peeling specifically is a machining process used to take a raw forged blank to a polished bar.

Advancements as well as regulatory changes in the automotive and machine shop industry have created an increasing reliance on metal stamping and forming.

One of the best ways to meet or exceed the targets is to reduce a vehicle's overall mass weight.

Passenger vehicle weight contributes to various factors, including carbon dioxide emissions, fuel consumption and overall automobile safety.

With the need to re-use as much as possible, remanufacturing not only impacts the cost of creating new products, but also the environment.

Atelier BG has been awarded a major contract to manufacture steel components to repair the Pierre Laporte Bridge in Quebec City. A total of 250 tons of steel will be used for the project. Delivery date is estimated to be in September 2013.

There are four common types of machining. Boring, Drilling, Milling and Turning. Each one serves a different purpose in the manufacturing and finishing process and requires different tools.

Meeting client’s needs and specifications can be a daunting task in any specialization. Industrial finishing calls for precision

Machining basically means the process of removing materials from a single piece to form it into a desired shape or object. This can be done using a number of tools.

There are definite long-term benefits to implementing computer numerical control (CNC) machines for automated milling and lathing. Many companies are detracted from making the move to CNC machines.

In the increasingly complex world of welding, there remain only four different welding positions. They are flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead.

Ateliers B.G. has been awarded a contract to manufacture a support rotor for the Hydroelectric Power Industry. The rotor provided by Ateliers B.G. will support a total load of 467 tons. The parts will be shipped to Tennessee in early April.

When it comes to shot blasting vs. sand blasting, it is important to start by knowing the difference between the two. Shot blasting is the procedure in which a turbine is used to get acceleration for the abrasive.

The use of Robotic welding technologies has become very common among manufacturers today mainly due to the numerous benefits that they present.

Ateliers B.G. has obtained the contract for manufacturing and finishing ''lift pit'' type lifting platforms for chip trucks in a pulp and paper manufacturing plant.

Ateliers B.G. was awarded a major contract to manufacture brakes segment for a world class customer in the hydroelectricity sector.

CNC Plasma cutter is one of the industrial machine parts that are currently used in cutting materials in the construction and manufacturing field.

Industry News - August-20-10
Steady technological advances have made the occupation of a computer numerical control (CNC) machinist one of the most in-demand jobs in the global market.

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