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3 Rules of the Best Quebec Machine Shops


The challenge machine shops face today is to push beyond just getting by and into real profit. What does it take to bring your machine shop to success? Machine shop tasks that go on beyond the workshop floor like budgeting and cost assessments contribute greatly to the success or failure of the business. Having a business manager who really understands the ins and outs of running a machine shop in Quebec is a major asset.

Want to learn more? The real secret for success would simply be finding new and consistent machining clients. Keeping those machining clients satisfied and loyal is the next step. We’ve put together a few quick tips that will contribute to a successful machine shop business here in Quebec:


1. First impressions last. Make a great one.

Many customers, if not most, come from unexpected places. While keeping up on your marketing initiatives is critical, you really never know when a new customer may drop in to your machine shop for a look.  Make a point to run your machine shop efficiently and in a presentable manner.

Your shop floor should be kept organized and tidy; as well as safe. A potential client will want to walk away from your machine shop confident in your ability to deliver. Take the time to train all staff members to be professional and friendly in their dealings with every person who walks through the front doors because you never know who you’re dealing with. A bad review or impression can kill your business’s reputation.


2. Leave no stone unturned. Use your marketing options.

It’s standard to have a good website for your machine shop today. Make the most of your website by pairing it up with some current and effective marketing strategies. Maybe one of your employees also has a knack for writing or teaching? What about making some instructional videos or publishing a monthly or weekly blog article?

Make sure to talk about things that are important to your business and that relate to your field. You may even create a following that turns to your machine shop for expertise and advice. Things like this will boost your website higher in the rankings quickly, putting your machine shop ahead of your competitors and bringing in real business!


3. Trade shows are a great idea!

For machine shops and machining, trade shows remain a powerful networking and promotional too. There’s no better way than to demonstrate your machine shop’s abilities and find new partners or customers than face-to-face in a trade show. Oftentimes you’ll be in contact with large project managers and people with real purchasing power who are out looking for competent and competitive service providers. Some of your biggest contracts can come from machining industry trade show leads.

Machine shops in Quebec are a growing industry. With increased demand for qualified machinists, the potential for a machine shop to evolve and become a success is high. If you’re looking for an exceptional machine shop in Quebec, Ateliers BG is ready to supply all your machining project needs! Call us today and let’s get started. 

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