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Benefits of outsourcing projects requiring CNC technologies



There are definite long-term benefits to implementing computer numerical control (CNC) machines for automated milling and lathing. Many companies are detracted from making the move to CNC machines because the initial capital expenditure and the change to the existing process that they rely on for profits. These concerns are easily abated by working with a company who can provide CNC machine services without you having to purchase the machines yourself. The long-term improvements in efficiency, quality control, and machine reliability are great!


The cost of investing in these machines is significant, but the many advantages such as the ability to deliver a large project; which requires a high volume of identical or similar parts; makes them critical to your profitability. The payback from being able to take such big contracts easily delivers a massive return on investment. Investing in working with a company like Ateliers B.G., who provides quality CNC machine services, with Mori Seiki or Okuma equipment, you will see more consistent and improved results which will generate higher profits.



The quality of parts being output from manually loaded machines may meet specifications, at least most of the time, but there may be no opportunity to step-up the quality to another level. The improvement in production efficiency through the use of CNC machines and robotic welding will enable a far more consistent output and the ability to produce a higher quality. It will also allow you to do jobs that other competitors cannot, and to produce a higher quality that exceeds the client’s expectations.



Another key advantage with computer numerical control machines is having more machines functioning at any one time. A shop that is filled with manually loaded machines may only see one-third of them functioning at any one time whereas a shop with a few CNC's can have 85% with spindles running at any time. Automating control process will improve production and reduce down-time.

It is important to consider some factors before moving to computer numerical control machines. You first need to have reliability in the machining process that you want to automate. You must first get the process in control and then execute that process using a standardized plan. Automation with CNC machines will then deliver consistent output at a higher quality.

Also, it is important that the setup process is controlled. It is true that new users of automated machine tools will find that their setup time is reduced because the process control has removed variables of operator preference. Existing processes may be producing a quantity of machined metalwork that fluctuates depending on operator preferences, which can differ on the same machine, with the same materials, but with different shift operators.

Implementing CNC machines and automated robotic welding will provide the kind of stability that every company needs. It leads to greater output, better quality, bigger contracts, and more profits. Computer numerical control machines automation will always deliver.

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