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Designing products in a machine shop is one of the most effective ways to create new designs or to design a part for something that is no longer produced. To that end, CNC machining is one of the most effective ways to manufacture things at a moment's notice. CNC machining is used in planning, designing and building parts for military equipment, automobiles, aircraft and virtually anything else that has moving parts. It is even used in the building and construction process to a certain extent, as things that have moving parts such as elevators or escalators must be machined.

While CNC machining is a process that provides an opportunity to create remarkable projects inside a machine shop, there is sometimes a great deal of cost that is associated with machining parts without the aid of software that is designed specifically to make the entire process go smoother and be as accurate as possible. For example, Design for Manufacturing Software analyses information about a particular part or structure and then suggest changes to the existing design in order to reduce the cost of the manufacturing process. The software essentially helps machining professionals produce a finished product in a minimum amount of time without wasting money on processes that must be revised or on spending money unnecessarily in order to produce the finished product.

The software is able to make accurate recommendations concerning dimensions and materials in order to produce a product that is strong and reliable, yet is affordable to produce. It is also relatively easy to use, as any individual that works in a machine shop should be able to utilize it with ease. Known parameters are fed into the computer and the software essentially does the rest of the work by creating a pattern that can then be machined. The software can be linked to production machinery inside the machine shop in order to create everything strictly by computer, effectively taking much of the guesswork out of the entire process.

This is essentially what allows machine shops to produce more than one part that is exactly the same as all the other parts of the same type. It also eliminates the need to have additional members on staff that would otherwise be required to do the entire process by hand and it decreases the amount of time that must be spent on a particular project dramatically. Machine shops are able to produce more work in less time with fewer people on board. This saves money while simultaneously providing a machine shop with the opportunity to create repeated work that is of the highest quality. It has the potential to completely transform the way that machine shops do business by making the process easier and more cost effective. The cost of the software can easily be offset by mass producing parts and gaining even more business in the future as a direct result of the use of the software.

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