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DMG-Mori Seiki Releases New Post Processor


Machine Shop Dilemma

The post-processor point of machine shop operations can tend to become a bottleneck in production. When the machining workflow process is slowed down at any one point, it impacts the entire machine shop’s productivity, as well as feed times and ultimately turn-around times given to clients. For any machine shop, fully leveraging the capacity of all CNC machines, welding machines, or any other machinery and their operators will play a big part in the machine shop’s profitability and performance.

Machine Shop Solutions!

So it comes as welcome news when DMG/Mori Seiki recently announced that they are releasing a tool-path based post-processor, which will become available this year (2013) in September. The great thing about this post-processor is that it is very simple to use and fully integrated with the Mori Seiki application “Manufacturing Suite.” Being a universal post-processor, available to all Mori Seiki machines, it will also work with any computer assisted manufacturing (CAM) software that generates tool paths in standard Mori-APT format.

Streamline Your Operations with Mori Seiki’s New Software

With this newly updated technology, machine shops will be able to streamline their CAM machine lines, trim off excess time from precision machining processes, as well as generate better quality machined parts. This new format is basically an extended version of the APT CLDATA standard, which comes from the NSI NCIT 37-1999 and ISO 4343:200.

The Mori Seiki Manufacturing Suite Post Processor is able to import any tool path (in the standardized format) from any CAM software to generate numerical code (NC) with their proven templates. In order to get the best results, customers will need to get the Mori-APT CLDATA interface enabled version of whichever CAM software they are running, as well as the Manufacturing Suite Post Processor software, from Mori Seiki.

Mfg suite post processor

Quick Start Times

In the past, consumers would have to buy their machine tools and CAM post-processing software from different companies. This leads to a lot of headaches; both in discrepancies in the quality of finished machined parts; as well as a multitude of operational set-backs and limitations. Not to mention the fact that some CAM programs would not run properly on a machining tool without a quality post-processor. With Mori Seiki’s new software, you can get started right away with your Mori Seiki machines as soon as you get them.

Machining Tools + Great Software = $!

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