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Quick Guide to Industrial Finishing


Meeting client’s needs and specifications can be a daunting task in any specialization. Industrial finishing calls for precision, artistry and a command of the most up-to-date tools and techniques in order to deliver lasting solutions, which will not only keep customers satisfied but also turn them into a loyal following! Any company specializing in industrial painting will tell you that getting the job right on the first instance will save you a whole lot of labor and cost!

Here's what to consider:

Properly prepare the surface

How well you prepare the surface will determine the end result. Abrasive preparation would be a smart choice to aid in achieving proper geometry and to even out the surface while at the same time getting rid of any undesired materials which would otherwise temper with the end product. Water jet blasting equipment and a sand blasting chamber are great tools to aid in abrasive blasting. Save yourself the frustration that comes with rushed projects and make use of professional industrial finishing services.

Choose the appropriate tools for the job

Depending on the tools available, an industrial finishing job can go from mediocre to stunning. Although the quality of paints used (such as liquid urethane, epoxy and zinc based) play a central role, the tools utilized will facilitate a job-well-done! Using state of the art spray nozzles to deliver high performing electrostatic painting ensures that a surface is finished in a shiny and lasting style.

 Cutting edge and innovative facilities that can accommodate large scale finishing projects such as bridge components and large machine parts will enable timely completion of clients' orders. This is why it is essential to invest in modern painting equipments so as to facilitate precision and maintain quality while at the same time cutting costs and man power.

Choose the appropriate finishing technique

Choosing what technique to deploy for your industrial finishing project will largely be dictated by the desired paint finish as well as the type of surface you are working on. For instance, truck trailer painting will benefit largely from spray painting technique as this ensures that spray paint is evenly distributed. Tanks and drums, depending on size, will require different coating techniques to curb corrosion.

While conventional painting techniques have been used over and over, and still deliver quality finishing, new technology has brought about new ways to attain lasting results. Electrostatic painting delivers high quality finish and cuts costs in the fact that it reduces paint wastage by an almost 95% margin as compared to other techniques. Utilizing powder and enamels, this technique assures quality and durability while protecting your industrial equipment from harsh environmental conditions. Enjoy the benefits of high quality industrial finishing by engaging the best industrial painting company, such as Ateliers B.G., and rest assured that your next heavy equipment painting project will be in good hands! 

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