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Shot blasting vs. Sand blasting


When it comes to shot blasting vs. sand blasting, it is important to start by knowing the difference between the two. Shot blasting is the procedure in which a turbine is used to get acceleration for the abrasive. The turbines turn at a very fast rate in steel housing that are separate with a lateral hole. This blasting is used with metals, mobile shot blasting and machines of varying profiles. These machines are used for blasting floors, walls and drums.

On the other hand, sandblasting is a procedure in which abrasives are accelerated by steam from compressed air through a leakage or outflow from a blasting nozzle. This form of blasting is used in cabins and chambers in hand blasting. Sand blasting is common in cleaning debris and rust on surfaces that require coating or painting. Sand or sharp edged elements are used to chisel particles from the surface.  A chipping hammer is sometimes used.

With shot blasting, parts of a material are conditioned through creation of a compressive stress layer. This implies that you need high amount of tensile stress for failing surface material. A spherical or rounded media is used in shot blasting on different materials. The media is usually harder than the surface of the target material. Continued checking is done on the media to ensure that broken shot are not too high. You can also have parts of the standard test exposed just like the working parts resulting to almen strip. You can know compression stress level by considering the curve taken by the surface of the working part. Nevertheless, whether you choose sand blasting or shot blasting you can easily get a smooth surface in the right shape when you use appropriate equipments to remove contaminants on the surface of your material. Therefore make sure that you know more about equipments to use when learning about shot blasting vs. sand blasting. 

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