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Smart Ways to Add Longevity to your CNC Milling Machine Tool


Whether you are using a vertical or horizontal CNC machining technology in your machine shop, the common goal is to keep it working at its optimum regardless of its size, power source or function. This can be achieved by mastering these smart tips that will ensure longevity for your milling machine tools guaranteeing precision machining and also realize a good return on your investment!

Tool tip centerline alignment matters!

Although your tool will still function off-center, it's likely to yield better results when well centered. This also reduces poor finishes on your products while staying gentle on your tool to give it more mileage on its life and performance. Centerline alignment will significantly reduce deflection. Deflection, if not tamed, can be a bad thing for your tool life as it can lead to breakage of the end mill. So pay extra attention!

Use proper feed speeds!

Slow feed speeds can be detrimental to your tool leading to rubbing and strain to your tool, eventually minimizing its efficiency while significantly reducing its life. To avoid this predicament ensure that you use proper feed speeds as specified on manufacturer's manual as well as seeking and following advice from other experienced machinists. Feeding your tool at a supersonic speed is also not a smart idea. Understanding the chip-load of your tool will not only enhance your CNC machining experience but will also improve your tool life through proper care and handling. Invest in a feeds and speeds calculator; your tool will thank you!

Monitor friction to reduce heat!

Friction especially when your tool is turning rapidly at monster-like speed can cause your tool to become super-hot and that heat can translate to bad news for your tool life. A heated tool tip can easily chip, bend or even break. Gradually reducing surface speed can significantly lower friction and consequently reduce the heat generated. Try this seemingly ingenious tip to improve and increase your tool life. Also machine tool parts that are prone to chipping caused by overheating during welding can greatly benefit from lubrication. Doing so will reduce the odds of ending up with broken cutters.

Proper handling and care!

Despite all the tips and wealth of information available, it's null and void if you're not properly caring and handling your tools. Make sure that your machine shop in well organized, tools are properly stored and gentleness is exercised whenever in use.

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